At Dalton Logistics, we understand the unique challenges that come with loading and unloading heavy or oversized items during the last leg of their journey. That’s why we offer Liftgate Services to provide convenient and efficient solutions for these situations.

Industry Leading Liftgate Solutions

Our Liftgate Services are designed to simplify the process of loading and unloading oversized items. Our trucks are equipped with hydraulic liftgates, eliminating the need for additional equipment or manual labor. With the push of a button, our trained professionals can safely and effortlessly raise or lower the liftgate, ensuring a seamless and time-saving experience.

Safety and security are our top priorities. Our team of professionals is skilled in using liftgates and follows proper lifting and securing techniques to ensure that your goods are loaded onto the truck securely and remain stable during transportation. We take every precaution to protect your items and ensure their safe arrival at the destination. Our services are available in Champ, Bridgeton, St. Charles, St. Louis, MO, as well as nationwide.

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Emphasizing Accessibility

One of the key advantages of our Liftgate Services is the accessibility they provide. We can efficiently load and unload items in locations without loading docks or with limited access. The liftgate feature enables us to overcome logistical challenges and deliver your items to their final destination, regardless of the site’s specific requirements.

Our Liftgate Services are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of items, from heavy machinery to oversized crates or delicate equipment. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can handle diverse cargo with precision and care.

Streamlined Unloading

Utilizing our Liftgate Services can save time and reduce costs associated with manual labor and additional equipment. The streamlined loading and unloading process, combined with our experienced team, ensures efficient operations and minimizes unnecessary expenses.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Liftgate Services for your final mile deliveries. Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs, and let us provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

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