*Our Room of Choice, Threshold, and Curbside Delivery services are designed to offer convenience, flexibility, and personalized options for your customers.



Room of Choice Delivery

With our Room of Choice Delivery service, our dedicated team of professionals takes pride in delivering items directly to your customers’ desired room or location within their premises. This personalized service saves your customers valuable time and effort, making their experience truly seamless. We understand the importance of bringing items to the specific area where they are intended to be used or placed, ensuring maximum convenience for your customers.

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Efficient Threshold Service

Our Threshold Delivery service offers a hassle-free option where we bring items just inside the entrance of your customers’ premises. This strikes a balance between convenience and customer involvement in the placement of their items. It provides a smooth and efficient delivery experience, allowing your customers to easily receive their goods without the need for extended involvement in the process.


Quick & Easy Curbside Delivery

For customers who prefer to receive their items outside, our Curbside Delivery service is the perfect solution. We bring the items directly to the curb of your customers’ premises, offering ease and accessibility for a swift retrieval process. This option is ideal for customers who may have limited availability or prefer to receive their items without entering their premises.

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At Dalton Logistics, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We tailor our delivery services to meet the specific needs of your customers, ensuring that each item is handled with care and delivered securely and promptly. You can rely on us to provide reliable and customer-centric solutions for all your delivery requirements.

Choose Dalton Logistics for outstanding Room of Choice, Threshold, and Curbside Delivery services that elevate the delivery experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Contact us today to discuss your delivery needs, and let us provide you with reliable and personalized solutions.

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